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15 Tips to heal a Back Spasm fast
Here are 15 tips to quickly heal a back spasm:1. Go to the doctor first to avoid any progression2.Take proper ...
Everyday FitnessYogaHip pain
Tips To Reduce/ Stop Sneezing
Sneezing is the act of expelling a sudden and uncontrollable burst of air through the nose and mouth. Anything that ...
AllergyImmunityCommon cold
9 Unexpected Asthma Triggers
Everyday Health

There are some well-known & obvious triggers you should avoid when you have asthma. However, several odd or unusual things can also trigger an asthma attack in some people. It's therefore important for you to indentify your triggers & take the necessary precautions. Here's a list of some unsual triggers- Thunderstorms; Traffic; Laughing or Crying; Aspirin; Acid Reflux; Alcohol.

Root Canal or Extraction?
How many times have you gone to the dentist to get a bothersome tooth pulled out only to have him ...
Dental careRoot canal treatmentRoot canalRoot fracture
Medical science now has an answer to Garlic breath!

The garlicky breath that might be turning away your friends and potential dates now has a researched solution! Contrary to popular belief, researchers found that green tea doesn't actually help beat garlic breath. Things that actually do help get rid of it- apple, lettuce and mint tea.  

7 Steps You Can Take for Mental Well-Being
Take care of yourselfAs simple as it may sound, the mere act of taking care of you is the first ...
Is honey truly better than sugar?

Honey and processed white sugar will both give you your daily fix of sugar, but natural honey is also loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, probiotic enzymes, antibacterial and antiviral enzymes, that make it healthier than processed sugar. However, avoid giving infants and toddlers honey for fear of botulinum infection! 

5 Best Exercises to Reduce Back Pain
Lower back pain is a very common problem among adults and most people will suffer from back pain sometime throughout ...
Acne (Pimples)
Acne is an inflammatory disease of sebaceous (oil) glands. During puberty, sex hormones speed up the secretion of oil from ...
AcneSkin CareHair care
Keep the Cookbooks in Check
cThe last things you need to organize—and this will take some time—are your recipes and cookbooks. Although I would bet ...
DietCookingDietsHealthy Eating
Pap Smear Test is recommended on a routine basis
A Pap test or to be specific, a Pap smear test is done to Detect Cervical Cancer. Basically, it looks ...
CancerCervical cancerGynaecologyCervical screening
Don't Rush, Eating Slow Helps to Reduce Weight!
Many people eat their food fast and carelessly. However, eating slowly may be a much smarter approach.Eating Too Fast Can Cause ...
Side Effects of Alcohol on Your Skin
Alcoholic beverages are getting so popular as a social status symbol. But, consuming a lot of alcohol can cause a ...
Sex or Successful Marriage Health Tips
Sex or marriage are not individual cases and everything is mutually dependent.So much interlinked are things that like a diamond ...
FertilitySexual Well-being
Turmeric - Ancient but Best for Your Skin!
Hydrated, clear and a gorgeous skin can be achieved by having great, healthy and rich food. This can be bought ...
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